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sMOVE is based in particular on the measurement of speed, distance and direction by using GPS signal. It is able to display the calculation of your current calorie consumption and saves your GPX data on your phone or SD card, which can be used in third party software like Google earth afterwards.
Therefore sMOVE is a great, multifunctional and useful movement assistant for active people.


sMOVE can be used for many sports and activities to monitor your way with several additional gimmicks.

Using sMOVE, while having a walk for example, its compass can be used as a marker for directions as well as for reaching a certain waypoint.
A simple area of this functionality is when you often forget where your car is parked.
It is easy to define such a waypoint. Simply select an existing photo you shot with your bada smartphone, which includes GPS coordinates in its EXIF data.
Of course you are able to set waypoints by entering coordinates or directly by tapping on the map.

sMOVE indicates with the help of the GPS sensor the achieved distance as well as the speed and offers the possibility to show active time, overall time, maximum speed and of course average speed.

If sMOVE shall be used to calculate your current calorie consumption, you have to insert your individual height and weight in the profile first. It will calculate your current body mass index (BMI) immediately. Of course your profile is saved permanently so that you must not enter those data into your bada smartphone after restarting sMOVE. You can also change your profile any time your want.
After entering your profile into sMOVE, it is able to calculate your calorie consumption according to the chosen activity in combination to the achieved distance, time and speed, which is detected by GPS signal.

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Download the sMOVE Application Execution Guide [1.410 KB] .


The bada developer challange

sMOVE is one of the chosen top 90 apps, which reached the device phase of the bada Developer Challenge.

You can download sMOVE from SamsungApps via KIES or the integrated SamsungApps App on your bada handset.

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